Expecting exploitation; browsing with resigned sighs to repetitive snacks singing the bank balance, the UK citizen trudges with bleak conceptions of any good deed.

Today I had the philanthropic duty of offering over a hundred free lunches. There is a droll irony in that statement as that old adage goes. This lunch was entirely without economic commitment or requirement of details. I always assumed that spending money on exorbitant eateries rather than pleasurable pursuits was a joyless experience eagerly awaiting relinquishing from.

Waving my phone, which was affixed with a debit card of a handsome sum, I, on an inordinately large number of occasions, was politely declined a slight but helpful offer. At the basis of the scheme was a mega-corporation seeking publicity; the fact remains: the Great British public refused, squirmed and with tacit cynicism uttered the wry default statement of the skeptic: ‘What’s the catch?’.


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