Every correct answer is mine.
Without question. Without exception.
I have dominion,The monopoly over of all incorrect
And by elimination all of the ticks.
Without contemplative gaps,
Or the space in between,
No seamless joins but all the overlaps too,
In my tight possession is the entire compendium.

Inventor of all system and order,
Numerically ascending and descending,
Speech in symbols
Via the gathering leaves,
And ink into memories
Via plastic papers and glossy sheens.

Take note of what I heed:
It is the final file of which nothing can breed,
Any objection can now repose,
There is not an iota to suppose.
Cling to me as my path is not only lit
But the only one with a single brick.
A race track behind me a trail of delusion
See all my creation as foregone conclusion.


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