It was fun but I had to LEAF early…

I’ve just returned from the inauguration of LEAF: London Electronic Art Festival. This actually translates as esteemed DJs camping up across London over this weekend. The event is set to dissect both the bass, synthesiser and the laser shows that often accompany them (and are usually best appreciated when natural light dawns outside). In other words, both electronic music and art.

At the time of my arrival and departure – a bureaucrat workers evening of 7-9pm – the Circus Space was still filling. Everyone was wondering around like you did when trying to avoid the opposite gender at a school disco. Still, there was a Dinos Chapman installation upstairs to keep people entertained.


The three-screen installation was reminiscent of a comic-strip in old school, bi-colour glasses 3D. There were jarring intersperses of pyromaniac woodland animals, automatic rifles and polluted superhighways, all over an assailing beat. It seemed a bit like it was thought up on the back of a Pret napkin when Chapman’s iPhone popped up with the favour asking to create something to open the show. Then again, I had the same feeling when I saw Tracey Emin’s ‘More Passion’ neon sign that she was commissioned to create for 10 Downing Street’s diplomat-entertainment room.

And then I remembered. They’re rich enough for Clippers coffee shop now.


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